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What is an HOA Board Resolution and How to Create One?

Successful Co-op/Condo Board Meeting

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HOA Annual Report: How to Create One?

property management contract

Besides the financial report, the HOA annual report is one of the essential documents that your HOA needs to prepare at the end of the year. It’...

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VA Home Loans: Help Veterans Get Homeownership Dreams

VA home Loans

VA home loans are to provide a pathway to homeownership for those who have sacrificed so much by serving our nation. And the Veterans Administration s...

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Capital Assessment Best Practices

capital assessment

Capital assessment occurs when there is an improvement necessary in the building, alongside natural calamities that cause significant property damage,...

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Condo Association Budget for Property Management

Creating a Condo Association Budget

At the end of every year, many companies are directing their focus to the future and begin preparing the annual budget for the year to come. Homeowner...

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