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HOA Board Members: Roles and Responsibilities

HOA Board Members

People like living in associations because they can use amenities like swimming pools, fitness rooms, tennis courts, and entertainment areas without h...

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What is an HOA Board Resolution and How to Create One?

Successful Co-op/Condo Board Meeting

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HOA Annual Report: How to Create One?

property management contract

Besides the financial report, the HOA annual report is one of the essential documents that your HOA needs to prepare at the end of the year. It’...

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HOA Board Mistakes that Should be Avoided

Hiring A Property Manager Can Save You Money

Being a member of the HOA board is a challenging job. There are several HOA Board mistakes that should be avoided from minor to serious that you will ...

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Condo and Co-op (Know The Difference)

co-op vs condo

Condo and Co-op are they similar or not?  There are many differences between the two. However, many people are still confused about condos and co-ops....

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Maintenance Issues: Emergency and Non-Emergency Maintenance

Choosing and hiring contractors

Rental property maintenance issues require a tremendous amount of time and coordination. It’s not as simple as others think. As a landlord, you ...

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Dealing with a Bad Contractor

dealing with a bad contractor

One of the most demanding parts of real estate investing is hiring or working with contractors. There’s always a risk when dealing with a bad co...

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Property Management Covid19 Precautions

Property Management Covid19 Precautions

There are many things that Covid 19 significantly changed. The way we socialize, work, dine in a restaurant, travel, the school set up, and many healt...

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HOA Problems and How to Avoid Them

HOA problems

Handling HOA is not that easy. You have to manage and run the association in the best interest of your community. Nevertheless, having a few HOA probl...

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Best Smart Video Intercom Systems For Apartment Buildings

Best smart video intercom systems

With the advancement of technology. Having the best smart video intercom systems brings rental property owners a security system to the entrance of yo...

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