On-Staff CPA

Our Certified Public Accountant will prepare your returns and give you advice on maximizing write-offs and repairs to increase the profitability of your investment. We also provide detailed monthly reports, bank statements, and analyze monthly and annual budgets. We’ll even send you pretty charts, so you know exactly what is happening with your income and expenses.

ProRealty Property Management Company is master when it comes to task of financial reporting for Real Estate. We provide very precise detailed billing and reports so you always know precisely what is happening with your property. Our team of people ensures tax escalations provide detailed monthly reports, bank statements, and any other pass through are charged and placid promptly. We have requisite systems in place to guarantee they never fall through the cracks. We handle the daily operations of any real estate investment of yours. We help you in tracking by financial reporting of investment property and sustain financial goals towards the investment properties. We help our clients in the position of investors in getting to know about the true value of their properties.


Payment Solutions

MultipleWe give homeowners multiple methods of payment such as:  e-Check, Credit Card, Moneygram, physical checks.  There is NO fee to pay using e-Check unlike other companies that charge .50 per transaction and charge the HOA unnecessary admin fees.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are easy to read and sent via email, physical mail, or by
payment coupon.

HOA Financial Reporting

Monthly reports are easy to read and include General ledger, categorized income and expenses, invoices paid, and delinquencies.  There are over a dozen customizable reports.

Just a few of our report options include:
Owner Statement
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Bank Account Activity
Rent Roll
Aged Receivables
Aged Payables
Leasing Summary
Owner Summary
Lease Expiration
CAM Reporting
Association Reports

Annual Budget

We will assist the Homeowner Association each year with their annual budgets.  Reserve Study of Homeowner Association may be suggested to predict repair costs many years ahead to avoid unwanted Capital Assessments

Hello Board Members & Investors!

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How to prepare annual budget