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Powerful Accounting

Accounting is the backbone of your company, and that’s why it’s at the heart of AppFolio’s comprehensive community association management software. Real-time data, expansive bank integrations, and automated tools give you the edge you need to keep your boards informed and happy.

Streamline Your Accounting Workflows

Online Payments

Homeowners can easily make online payments directly from the Resident Dashboard and set up autopay to ensure timely payments. Payments can be made via credit card, debit, or eCheck, and best of all, the eCheck option is free to both the management company and homeowners.

Board Approvals

Board members can easily sign checks and approve invoices through their Board Online Portal, ensuring that association business can move quickly. Ask questions and resolve issues related to association business through in-app communication without having to organize meetings or pick up the phone.

Vendor eCheck and Bill Pay

Pay vendors directly from within your HOA Platform via paper checks that are printed and mailed for you. If you foresee yourself needing to set up additional accounts to your bank, utilize eChecks and BillPay that simplify the ACH set-up process, and ensure that all outbound payments are secure with multi-factor authentication.

Hiring A Property Manager Can Save You Money

Take the First Step towards a Better Building Life.

Rental Property Inspections

Rental Property Inspections

As part of renting out a property, landlords must do several different rental property inspections. Even though these things happen at other times and for

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