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Tips for Checking Tenants Rental History

What is a Rental History Report? A rental history report is an information about your previous rental housing. It’s a list of past addresses tha...

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Tenant Security Deposits: What You Should Know

Screening Tenant

Collecting tenant security deposits appears to be one of the simplest components of rental management. After all, it’s merely a specific sum of ...

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Self-Managing Your Rental Property (Pros and Cons)

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 11.57.52 PM

Pros and Cons of Self-Managing Your Rental Property Self-managing your rental property is different from owning a rental property. If you own a rental...

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Tenants Leave at The End of the Lease (Top Reasons)

Lease Renewal

It’s very challenging to find a good or ideal tenant. And preventing tenants leave at the end of the lease is more challenging. As every one of ...

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Maintenance Issues: Emergency and Non-Emergency Maintenance

Choosing and hiring contractors

Rental property maintenance issues require a tremendous amount of time and coordination. It’s not as simple as others think. As a landlord, you ...

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Common Tenant Complaints: How to Handle?

handling common tenant complaints

To manage your investment property effectively, you must ensure that the tenants are satisfied, and handling common tenant complaints properly. Becaus...

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Avoid Rental Scams: How to and What You Can do?

Common Misconceptions About Being a Landlord

Scammers can access it in several ways. They usually create ads on social media platforms that are not geared towards real estate. The only thing that...

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Move Out Checklist

Rental Property Inspections

Move out process is part of the rental process that landlords and tenants must make preparation. As a landlord, you always think of ensuring the renta...

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Handling Problem Tenants

handling problem tenants

In property management, handling problem tenants are an unpleasant and sometimes inevitable part of life. While tenant screening solution helps to sif...

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Questions to ask a Property Manager Before Hiring

Questions to ask a Property Manager

  Property management is a complicated and fast-paced business, so it is important to find the right property manager for you and your rental. Yo...

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