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Tips for Checking Tenants Rental History

What is a Rental History Report? A rental history report is an information about your previous rental housing. It’s a list of past addresses tha...

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Tenant Security Deposits: What You Should Know

Screening Tenant

Collecting tenant security deposits appears to be one of the simplest components of rental management. After all, it’s merely a specific sum of ...

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The Lease Renewal Guideline for Landlords

lease renewal

Renting out your property is one of the most acceptable ways to generate consistent cash flow. That is if you find the appropriate tenants for each pr...

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What is an HOA Board Resolution and How to Create One?

Successful Co-op/Condo Board Meeting

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HOA Annual Report: How to Create One?

property management contract

Besides the financial report, the HOA annual report is one of the essential documents that your HOA needs to prepare at the end of the year. It’...

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HOA Board Mistakes that Should be Avoided

Hiring A Property Manager Can Save You Money

Being a member of the HOA board is a challenging job. There are several HOA Board mistakes that should be avoided from minor to serious that you will ...

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Top Amenities For Tenants (Upgrades and Wishlist)

ideal tenant qualities

You might think about including the rental property’s top amenities for tenants that they like. So that you can get good tenants to move in or k...

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Self-Managing Your Rental Property (Pros and Cons)

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 11.57.52 PM

Pros and Cons of Self-Managing Your Rental Property Self-managing your rental property is different from owning a rental property. If you own a rental...

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Tenants Leave at The End of the Lease (Top Reasons)

Lease Renewal

It’s very challenging to find a good or ideal tenant. And preventing tenants leave at the end of the lease is more challenging. As every one of ...

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Tenant Damage to Property (How to Prevent and Respond)

Common Misconceptions About Being a Landlord

It would be best to prepare yourself for the possible tenant damage to property when you start your rental property business. It will range from light...

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