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With over 50 years combined experience ProRealty is not just a management company, but your trusted partner in real estate. Our purpose driven company is to preserve, protect, enrich, and enhance the communities in which we serve. Our process is based on “continuously improving our philosophy and systems are geared towards fast response, excellent service , while keeping costs low. Our goal is to serve your Homeowner Association community by providing world-class customer service and access to the best vendors in your area.

We handle all aspects of running a Home Owner Association including:

24×7 Repairs and Maintenance

  • Maintain community appearance and ensure repairs are noted and completed on a timely basis. This requires regular community inspections and tours.
  • Dedicated Superintendents for Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs ensure that all service requests are recorded and communicated appropriately to maintenance
  • Obtain multiple bids and draft contracts for repairs.
  • Scheduling all required testing for boilers, elevators, devices, etc
  • Create and execute preventative maintenance schedule

Safety and Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with all company, local, state and federal safety rules.
  • Direct staff to follow a “safety first” principle.
  • Assist with required Insurance for Board of Directors and Building
  • Management Company Enforcing By-Laws


  • Handle all collections and bills for HOA
  • Provide system for approving invoices before payment
  • Send monthly reconciled reports prepared by our CPA including pdf of all Invoices.
  • Free Online payments and Resident Portal for work order requests and accessing building

Board Support

  • Assist with Board Meetings, agenda, and recording meeting minutes
  • Provide complete back office support and record all documents
  • Assist with sales and leasing via online portal
  • Track all communication both internal and with HOA Members.


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