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9 Most Common Rental Property Management Mistakes to Avoid

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty

One of your most valuable possessions is your rental property. As a result, you will be able to increase the value of your initial investment through leverage. It would help if you shifted your mindset from that of a homeowner to that of a company owner. Renting out one’s home is an apparent financial boon, but few people consider the challenges of being a landlord. 

For people who have never owned a rental property before, it can take a while to think out what to do and what not to do when managing it. We made a list of the most common mistakes landlords make when they manage a property on their own so that you can make sure you don’t make any of them when you manage your property investment.

Not thoroughly screening tenants

This is where everything starts, and many problems with tenants can be stopped before they even begin. First, with how easy it is to do so in the modern world, there is no reason not to check a potential tenant’s credit. Even if a landlord only has one property, there are many low-cost ways to check someone’s credit online. In fact, people who want to rent know that these checks are a normal part of the application process and that they will have to pay for them. So, make sure you check the credits of potential tenants. If you don’t, you will only have yourself to blame if things go wrong.

Failing to conduct regular inspections

Doing regular property inspections is the great way to protect the investment that you have made in a property. You may be seen as intrusive or excessive if you visit a property more than a few times a year. However, there is no denying that it is the most excellent way to keep track of maintenance issues and ensure your renters abide by the terms of their lease. So, don’t be lazy, and don’t put too much faith in people. Check the things.

Purchasing inappropriate insurance

Getting the right insurance for a rental property is very important. Sometimes it seems clear to skip insurance or get the bare minimum, but your property investment should not be treated with slackness. You will also feel better if you have the right insurance.

When you buy insurance, you might want to get property and liability insurance for your home. So, you’ll save money because a tenant is bound to do some damage.

It’s essential to get the right amount of coverage as well as the right type. Insurance for investments is more complicated than insurance for a house. Hiring a licensed insurance agent is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your investment is covered properly.

Failing to make preparations for vacancies

Vacancies are at or near those lows in the current market, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have time between tenants at a certain point. It’s essential to remember that owning and managing rental properties is a business, and every business needs a plan for when the weather turns bad, and income slows or stops. Having a savings account with enough money to pay for your property’s costs for at least three months is a good business move and a common practice.

Lack of written, signed, and detailed leases

It appears to be the most evident thing that some landlords still work with handshake agreements. You shouldn’t do this even if you’re renting the house next door to yours or your friend’s. You need a written agreement that spells out the tenancy’s monthly rent and other rules. This will protect you and your renter if something goes wrong while they are living on your property.

Becoming overly close to your tenant

A lot of people who are renting out their first place want to get to know their tenants. It’s natural to want to do the right thing. But becoming too close to your tenants could turn out to be a mistake in the long run.

As with many jobs, there is a fine line between being a professional and someone’s friend. You can still be kind, polite, and thoughtful, but it can be tough to be a good friend to your resident.

This is one of the most common mistakes made by landlords. You might unintentionally treat your tenants better when you get to know them better. On occasion, they may even expect additional leniency. Also, they might ask for more time if you pay late, which will not help you later.

If you are too close, it can be hard to talk to them about it. Some renters might notice that they are treated differently. The law allows them to file a lawsuit if they feel they are unfairly treated.

It would help if you attempted to strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism when interacting with the renters that occupy your rental properties. Getting too close can be a disastrous mistake in the long run.

Failing to set proper rules for tenants

When you manage a rental property, it can be a big mistake not to give your tenants the right rules and guidelines. Setting rules and guidelines is an important skill for people who are renting out their first property. We suggest you write these rules into the lease so that you have them in writing. So, when you go over the lease with your new renter, you won’t forget any of them.

Failing to adhere to the housing code

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local housing regulations. Your tenant can terminate the lease if the property’s health and safety requirements are below the code. Legal action could possibly be the result.

It is recommended that you do random checks on your tenants. Be sure the rental property is livable and safe for the tenant. Tenant notification is also crucial. The property can be monitored through drop-ins as well.

Managing property on your own

Many first-time real estate investors try to handle everything on their own. This appears to be a simple way to save a little money, but they are unaware of the mistakes to avoid. 

Property management is a job with a lot of moving parts. Trying to do everything yourself, from buying the right rental property to finding the right tenants, could cost you more because simple mistakes can add up, especially regarding paperwork for your rental properties.

Real estate contracts are hard to understand, especially if you don’t know where to look in the small print. It is easy to make a mistake when reading a real estate contract. Leaving out important details in contracts can be expensive and hurt your cash flow.

An expert in property management can help you figure out what the papers mean. They will help you understand the purchase contract and look for your best interests. Working with a pro will save you both time and money.

First-time landlords who try to handle their rental properties on their own frequently make mistakes. So if you are a first-time landlord or someone who wants to avoid common mistakes in managing your rental property, consider giving Pro Realty a call.


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