Best Ways to Quickly Find Renters and Advertise a Rental Property

Best Ways to Quickly Find Renters and Advertise a Rental Property

Best Ways to Quickly Find Renters and Advertise a Rental Property

Both tenants and landlords need each other. But it’s not always easy to find the other person. There are many ways for landlords to find people who might want to rent their empty apartments or houses.

Finding renters has never been easier than it is now, thanks to new modern technology. By combining traditional rental property ads with modern online marketing, you will get your listing in front of thousands of prospective tenants quickly, easily, and for a low price.

But even though it’s true that vacancies cost money, you can’t rush into a tenancy. You need to finish your comprehensive and detailed tenant screening process to determine and choose the best tenant for your property.

In this article, we look at some of the best and most efficient ways to fill open positions and lower the costs that come with them.

Ideas for advertising rentals to fill vacancies quickly

It’s always a smart idea to use a variety of marketing channels to spread the word about your property listings. One way to start is to post it across as many free sites as possible, and then move on to paid platforms. When you market your property, your only goal is to let as many qualified and interested people know about the listing as possible. 

With the help of the ideas below, you’ll be able to accomplish this goal. Here are the best ways to market your business and ideas for what to do:

1. Word of mouth

Word of mouth could be used in many different ways to find renters. For example, you could tell the people who live in the other units that you have a space to rent. Also, tell your friends and family. One of them might know someone who is searching for a place to live. Share it on your own social media accounts, like Facebook, Google, and many others.

You could even sweeten the deal by offering a small rent discount or gift card as a kind of commission if they do find you a renter. Don’t be afraid to use the first social networking service. 

2.Use rental signages

Putting a sign outside your building that says “for rent” can seem old-fashioned, but it did work. These signs will get the attention of people driving by and even people who live in the area and are interested in who reside next door. People who already know about the advantages of residing in that location and are planning to move soon are likely to be the ones they ask about it.

It’s a cheap way to inform individuals that a place is open, and when combined with other ways to advertise rental properties, it can bring in some good leads. Also, even if the person who sees the “for rent” sign isn’t searching for a place to live, they might know someone who is, and they could send that person your way.

3. Use the bulletin boards in your area

Find places in your area where you could put up flyers about your rental. Bus stops, laundromats, recreation centers, houses of worship, supermarkets, and colleges are all examples of places that could be like this.

Make sure the flyers stand out by, for example, using big color photos and making the headline stand out in bold. You might also want to put your contact information at the bottom of the flyer, where people can tear it off.

4. Consider running ads in the local newspapers

There are still ads in newspapers. Depending on where your property is, you can still utilize them to market your empty rental unit. For the most people to see your ads, put them in newspapers on the weekends when they usually have the most people reading them.

Since you’ll only be given a few lines, make sure to use them well by giving important information. For example, instead of writing W/D and BR for the washer/dryer and bedroom, write W/D and BR.

5. Utilize social media networking sites

As reported by statista.com United States reached over 302 million social media users in 2022. Therefore, you are probably missing out on sales opportunities if you aren’t using social media in your marketing strategy. 

Start by making pages on all of the most popular social media sites where you don’t already have profiles. This means on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Then, start posting regularly on those accounts. But not so often that it seems like you are spamming other people’s feeds.

6. Advertise your available rental property on several different rental listing websites

Property owners can choose from a plethora of online rental listing services. Most of them are at no cost, but a few do charge. Here are a few great places to begin your search. 


If you have an account, you can post here. Even better, the ad will also show up on other rental sites, like Trulia.com and Hotpads.com.


Trulia is also owned by Zillow Group, and its main draw is that it has a wide reach. You can list a whole rental unit or home on Trulia, Zillow, and HotPads, but you can also list a single room, which will only show up on Trulia and HotPads.


Apartments.com gets a lot of visitors—about 35 million renters go there every month. Like Zillow, it will automatically send your listing to ForRent.com, ApartmentFinder, Apartmenthomeliving, and Apartamentos.com, which are its partner sites.


It’s been around for quite a while. But they are still useful. They continue to receive millions of monthly pageviews, most of which are property listing sites. It’s a no-cost option for attracting new tenants’ attention.


The site has two-way matching, which lets people looking for a place to rent search by top criteria and lets people with listings set minimum credit scores for applicants. You don’t have to pay to post on Zumper, and their listings are automatically added to PadMapper and Facebook Marketplace.

7. Find tenants through property management companies

If you feel overwhelmed by the abovementioned ways, you may want to hire a professional property management service like Pro Realty. They know how to make ads and get them in front of people because they have done it before. Hiring a service like this will cost you money and is likely to be one of the more expensive things you can do.

One of the good things about it is that you don’t have to do anything to find renters. This is a popular choice for people who have a lot of units but don’t have the time to manage their own listings.

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