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HOA Board Members: Roles and Responsibilities

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HOA Board Members

People like living in associations because they can use amenities like swimming pools, fitness rooms, tennis courts, and entertainment areas without having to take care of them. Homeowner associations can’t work without the hard work of a group called the HOA Board Members’ their roles and responsibilities are to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Communities run by HOAs need the board members to do certain things for the community to grow and stay well-kept and safe. If you are thinking about running for the board of your community, you will want to know the duties and positions open.

Serving on an HOA board is a great way to give back to your community association with your time and skills. Most bylaws for associations say they need at least a president, secretary, and treasurer. Some also say that they need a vice president. HOA board members need to know how important it is to keep an eye on the association’s rules, procedures, and, most importantly, its money. If you’re thinking about running for a position on your HOA board, the information below about roles and responsibilities may help you decide.

Roles on an association’s board

Usually, there are between three and seven people on a board. The actual number may be set by the bylaws of each association, so be sure to read your group’s rules before getting involved.

Members of an association can make a difference with their different skills, but only if they choose to take part. Even though board positions are unpaid, putting your skills to use for the good of the place you live is valuable. In most cases, a board member is elected to serve for one year. Members of the board can quit by giving written notice. Or the board can get rid of a member with or without reason.

Typical HOA board members’ responsibilities


The HOA President’s main job is to ensure that most decisions are made correctly. In the end, it’s up to the President to decide.

But being President isn’t all glitz and glamour. Those taking on the job must have the right skills to make those decisions. That means they need to know the rules, bylaws, and how the association works inside and out.

The President can also give specific responsibilities to committees to handle. Lastly, they are in charge of all meetings, regardless of their kind. The President acts as a leader at these meetings. They start the meeting, talk about the agenda, let other people speak, ask for votes, and do other things.

If you want to run for this position, you need to know what the HOA President does. This includes knowing how the association works on the inside. You must also be able to speak well in public. One of the HOA President’s duties is ensuring the group is running at its best.

Vice President

Many people don’t fully understand what an HOA Vice President does. As far as most things go, the Vice President of the HOA has the same duties as the President. This is because their main duty is to fill in for the President when the President can’t. And includes times when the President is sick, out of town, or unable to do their regular jobs for other reasons.

That doesn’t mean, though, that the Vice President doesn’t have anything else to do. The President can still give Vice President duties to other people. Also, the Vice President must know as much as the President about the rules and laws of the association so that they can help community members with any questions. This information helps them run the business side of the association well.


The HOA board isn’t complete without the Secretary. The job of the HOA Secretary is to keep track of all the paperwork and records for the group. Since they are in charge of all official paperwork, it is part of their job to make sure they follow all the laws. This means turning in all forms before the deadline.

The HOA Secretary also has to ensure that all meetings are properly announced, write down the minutes of all meetings, and give all essential documents to the other board members. Another important part of the Secretary’s job is to look over all official documents to make sure that the records are always up to date.

You must know what the HOA Secretary does if you want to run for this position. If you don’t, you’ll only be setting yourself up to fail.


The HOA Treasurer is in charge of the association’s money and how that money is spent.

And it’s main job is to keep a detailed record of all the money and transactions that the association has approved. This includes billing, costs of running the business, and getting and distributing money.

They are also in charge of making the annual budget, keeping the right amount of money in reserve in case of unplanned costs, and making any investments that have been approved.

As for other HOA Treasurer duties, they must keep the other board members informed about the association’s finances and any discrepancies in the records. They must also follow all the rules and laws regarding how the HOA’s money should be handled. Because association accounting is complicated, board members often give this job to a reputable finance management company.

Again, the organization is a key skill for becoming a board Treasurer. Money management is usually part of an HOA Treasurer’s job, so being good with numbers and finances and keeping accurate records are also good skills.

Your association’s board structure may include more positions. State laws run association boards, so it’s essential to learn as much as possible before running for office. One of the best ways to learn more about how a board works is to go to meetings and talk to people who are already on the board. You can get the information you need to decide whether or not to run for office from these two ways.

Getting involved with your HOA

Many people serve on the HOA board. The rules and responsibilities of each board position are usually met with a sense of pride. Deciding where to live is one of the most essential decisions you will make in your life. For your HOA to be the best it can be, it needs the help of talented people willing to share their skills. Everyone, from accountants to business owners, should consider being on an HOA board.

The Secret to a Successful Association

A homeowners association manages various areas of communal living, providing community members a sense of security. This is why understanding the different HOA board member positions within an association is vital.

After all, a competent HOA is one in which board members and community management collaborate to make the neighborhood a pleasant place to live. Through annual elections, these two parties must also constantly provide new ideas. When combined with an informed community about its association and how it operates, the entire system runs like a well-oiled machine.

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