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Address Change Check List

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Packing and boxing your things, hire a professional mover are just basic things that you need to do during address change. If you can do these things at the earliest possible time, there would be less hassle for you, such as bills that are missed and potential service lapses.

Besides the relocation basics, you have to notify the proper individuals and the agencies. Address change is an important task to keep an eye on your documents and keep your identity secure; there will be no issue in the future.

Listed below is the address change checklist:


  • USPS – Inform the post office regarding your new address to ensure that mail will be at the new address. There are two ways to change your address in USPS.
  1. Online thru  USPS.com/move. To make it a quick and hassle-free process, go to USPS.com/move, and you can get an instant email confirming the address change. There is a $1.05 identity confirmation fee through your credit or debit card to make sure that you are the one processing the change to avoid any fraudulent activity. And an email address for sending the confirmation email of the address change.
  2. Personally proceed to your local post office and ask for the Mover’s Guide packet that includes a PS Form 3575. Fill out the PS Form 3575 or the change of address form and pass it to the counter or just to the letter mail inside the post office. After five business days, you will receive a confirmation mail at your new address.


  1. You need to know the complete and correct new address. To avoid mistakes in registering the new address or incomplete address. To avoid this mistake, you must contact your landlord or realtor to get the complete and correct new address as well as the correct Zip code.
  2. Are you the only one changing the address or your whole family? A list of names of those relocating is required when changing address with USPS. You must fill out a separate form if there are family members with a different surname or some instances, some will be relocating with you, and the others will stay on the old address. Change of address with family members is a tiresome process but is essential, while USPS will not send a mail that does not match the recipients’ name that is not appear on the request form. You need to fill up one form if all family members will be relocating and have the same surname.
  3. Temporary change of address or permanent change of address. If it is a temporary change of address there is a specific period that your mail will be sent from your old address to your new address. The period is usually six months up to twelve months. This process is suitable for those people temporarily relocating to a place with seasonal changes. While the permanent change, as for the word permanent, will not change and does not have a specific period. You are considering this option only if you don’t plan to relocate in the upcoming future.
  4. Duration for a change of address. It usually takes a week after you process the change of address to take effect. Some factors affect the period for a change of address, such as your current location, season, number of pending requests, and others. It usually takes up to three days to process the old address and another three days to process the new address request, so that is why it took a week to get things done. If it is a local change of address, it is much faster.
  • IRS – To make sure that your tax information is updated. You can fill out  Form 8822,  Change of Address.
  • DMV – The process of changing the address varies from your state. Different state has a different process. In New York City, it requires within ten days to change your address on driver’s license, permit, non-driver ID, or registration to the DMV. Listed below are the two ways to update your address in DMV in New York :
  1. OnlineFirst, sign up for a MyDMV account, and you will need your NYS driver’s license, permit, or non-driver ID card and SSN. If you have an existing MyDMV account, Log in, and under the “DMV Services,” click on “Change My Address.” Complete the required information and click the enter and verify button and you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Mail – To change your address by mail, complete an Address Change (MV-232) (PDF) form and mail to: NYS DMV License Production Bureau PO Box 2895 Albany, NY 12220-0895.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY – If you are a receiver of the social security or Medicare, it is necessary to inform your address change. You can change your address online thru my Social Security account.


Don’t let your address change affects your banking. Make sure that all your financial transactions will have your address change to avoid any unexpected circumstances. 

Here are several financial services you need to notify when you change your address:

  • Banks and investment services – Ensure all the statements and bills will be sent to your new address. And tell your bank and company where you invest. Lastly, Ask for a check when you work on changing your address.
  • Loan Issuers – Let any financial institution that lends you money known your address change, such as credit cards and other loan providers.
  • Other Financial Agencies – Notify other financial agencies or companies offering you services about your address change to avoid missing out on essential things. These agencies and companies include Paypal, investment account holder, an IRA/401k administrator, and retail credit accounts.


When you settle on relocating, you should notify your local utilities—plan on when to cut off to keep away from paying for what you have not used. These includes :

  • Internet, phone, and cable – If you are using different service providers, you must notify them all.
  • Gas and electricity – It is essential to avoid the unavailability of electricity in your new home the day you relocate. Give the utility company an advance notice before your move-out date to avoid any hassle.
  • Water – This is one of the things that is usually missing out during the relocation. Make sure to include this on your list to avoid inconvenience and sweaty after a tiring move out.



  • Health, dental, and life insurance – Notifying your Address change will help you provide insurance in your new place.
  • Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance – Remember to let your home or renter insurance agency about your address change so that they will determine if there is a need to transfer your policy. It would be best if you got this settle early because some renter’s insurance, landlords, and management companies want proof of transfer before the move-in date. And for your utmost security, when you are having a conversation with your policy provider, ask if they cover in-transit items, so you will have an idea if your things are secure during relocation.
  • Car Insurance – Contact your insurance provider to ask if they do business in your new place and to validate if there is a need to modify the coverage as a requirement of some states.


  • Employer – It is essential to update your new address to make the records up to date.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers – This ensures that your billing address will match and avoid any issues with the payment. And if you are going to relocate more distant, they may be able to help you with referrals.
  • Veterinarian – Your pets also have needs, notify the Veterinarian, and update the address on the registry if your pet has a microchip.


  • Retail Websites – Update your billing address and mailing address on the retail sites that you frequently use. 
  • Streaming Services – If you are a movie buff, you should update your new address with Netflix or a similar streaming platform.
  • Online delivery services – Update your new address online to ensure that deliveries will be at the correct address.


  • Retail Clubs – To maintain your membership, you need to update your new address.
  • Magazines and subscription boxes – To avoid any delays on your subscription, you need to update your new address online.
  • Religious institutions – Do not forget to include this on your list if you belong to any religious institutions.


This group is the most important of all. You can send out a group message or email and inform them about your address change.

Address change is not that easy as you imagine. It is better to invest time and take care of it in advance before any trouble emerges.

You can change your address in advance, like for the financial institution or bank. You need to update the billing address for any services or websites that bill you on that account. Always remember that it is better to work hard to accomplish all your list of address changes than to have lost many things. So work on your address change now, then be sorry.


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