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Steps to Successful Transitioning from One Property Manager to The Next.

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty

We always heard of tenants moving in and moving out, but we rarely hear of transitioning from one property manager to another. There is an ideal property manager in a perfect world scenario that would best cater to your needs. Nevertheless, we live in an imperfect world, and sometimes we are not satisfied with our current property manager’s services. 

There are a lot of issues that may make us decide to switch to another property manager. Maybe your property manager is hard to reach despite how many times you try. Sometimes you have a recurrent request to other staff, but they still don’t manage to get the appeal done. Perhaps there is a lack action when there are issues that arise. And worst of all, they leave you hanging when there are essential concerns on your property. 

If you have reached a point in time where things aren’t going well with your property manager, switching to another property manager is the best solution you may have.

How do we know that it is the right time to switch your property manager? When you observe that your property manager is not eager to lend a hand to enhance your profit. It appears that the property manager does not contribute to the progress of your rental property business. And if that urge to grow your business is already missing, that would be a hint that you need to switch your property manager. If your property manager does an excellent job, you will no doubt be thinking of changing your property manager.

But changing property managers is not that easy as a walk in the park. There are pros and cons to switching property managers. Some of the pros of changing property manager are enhanced finances and property revenue, improve effectiveness, and you will be able to upgrade your system during the transition period.

Meanwhile, some of the cons of changing the property manager you will encounter are that tenants may disappoint if they like the current property manager. You will also face the hassle of transferring plenty of documents, and the worst of all is the stress during the transition period. Switching from one property manager to another does not require to be complex; you should always bear in mind that you need the perfect timing to make the transition smooth. And to make this transition smooth flowing, here are some steps that will help you switch from one property manager to another without any hassle.

  1. Take time to know other prospective property managers. Take into consideration other property managers is a good start in switching property managers. It would help if you listed down other property management companies that you think suit your standards and make some inquiries. Please find out about their services being offered, their field of expertise, their process of collecting rents, tenants screening, repair, and maintenance process, and some essential property management issues. Some research and inquiries will be able to give you the necessary information and be able to decide which property management company best suit you. So it would help if you were more interrogative so that the result must turn out positive.
  2. Validate your agreement and leases. It is essential to check on your agreement before terminating the contract. It ensures that you do not breach any contracts and not cost you any money for this. If there is a breach of contract, there are also consequences. Still, if you acknowledge this immediately, it will take part in your decision-making to take the win-win situation between you and your current property manager.
  3. Collect all the needed documents from your current property manager. In preparation for switching property managers, you must collect all the paperwork or documents that will need by your new property manager to ace the job. The records include leases, applications, financial statements, keys, and evidence of the property’s condition. You should also include the documentation regarding the security deposit so that the new property manager will be aware of the remaining security deposit that the old tenants have and will be able to show proof if the old tenant has disputes with the security deposit. Proper turnover of documents is an essential step in switching to another property manager. Failing to do so would be a waste of time and effort, but it will create great success and less stress and hassle to all parties if you accomplish this step.
  4. Inform the tenant with regards to switching property manager. The most significant challenge in changing property managers is the adjustment of tenants. The moment you signed and sealed the switch, you inform your tenants about this change, and we know of all the details, including rent collections, how to reach them whenever there is an issue, and procedure for repair requests and maintenance concerns. 
  5. Make an advisory for the current property management company. Concerning the existing property manager, you must inform them in writing or over the phone of the switching that will take place. You must include why you are switching to another company? When will it take place? Set proper expectations and let them know the contact information of the new property management company. The communication must be open to having a smooth transition to the new property manager even though the current will end.
  6. It is setting proper expectations for the new property manager. Lastly, to avoid history repeats itself, you must place appropriate expectations for the new property manager. It would prevent the same issues and challenges that you encounter in the past. Be transparent to the new property manager tell the reason why you switch to a new property manager. It would help if you had closure with regards to the issue of the former property manager. Tell them what do you expect from them and the result if the expectations do not meet. Give them some days for the adjustment period so that they can cope up with the transition.

It is stressful switching up property management, but keeping those steps in mind would alleviate the stress caused by this transition. ProRealty property management will use a checklist during the transition period and liaison directly with your previous management company and ensures a smooth transition.


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