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Typical House Rules for Homeowner Association Communities

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty

Condo owners and tenants must be familiar with the specific house rules of the Homeowners Association in the building. The house rule regulates everyday activity inside the building. And this set of rules is the essential piece for a harmonious relationship between neighbors.

The condominium board of directors is the one who creates the condo house rules, which mainly covers the day-to-day life in the building. Condo House rules usually cover the utilization of frequent factors shared by all owners, such as the hallway, roof deck, and basement storage. Few also cover selling or renting the condo unit. It is written more informally, unlike the more formal bylaws.  ProRealty, a Brooklyn-based property management company that specializes in managing Homeowner Association communities assists the Board by providing a template for House Rules.

Here are some of the typical house rules for Homeowners Association condo buildings.

  • Residential unit’s public or common area.  It contains the use of walkways and lawns. The unit owner shall not cause any blockage at the entryway and hallways.  Keep the hallway doors always close except for entry and exit only.
  • Disturbing action. Your condo association will inhibit you from doing things that will inappropriately generate noises to emerge from your unit, like musical instruments, radio, television, receiver, or other similar tools. It will hinder unit owners from agitating each further peace and relaxation.  “Quiet Hours” are also a common rule found in many By-Laws.
  • Children’s activity.  Prohibit children from playing in the hallways, stairways, or elevators. Most condo buildings have designated areas for children’s activities. There is also a scheduled time and day for this place to do such recreational activities for kids. Riding a bike in the parking lot is not allowed. 
  • Pets and animals. Several condo associations inhibit raising and keeping the animals altogether; there are only allow dogs, cats, caged birds, and fish. Letting these pets have strict rules in keeping them. Some pets will keep them on a restraint to not roam around on the hallways or go to other units. It will also require the pet owner to vaccinate their pets and hold on to a grip for any damage they will cause.
  • Garbage disposal. Most associations instruct unit owners to remain their trash inside their unit, and the unit owner will only take out their trash on the scheduled pick-up days. This house rule always limits the disposal of large scale trash such as a mattress or used appliances. Instead of taking it out on the scheduled pick-up days, the unit owner shall make arrangements with the trash removal company approved by the condo association.
  • Parking. The condo association will regulate the number of parking spaces allotted to each unit owner and which part you can park your vehicle. To confirm that the unit owners follow the parking policy, the condo association may implement a registration process. Issuance of parking stickers is some form of this registration, and some go paperless by using parking management software. And with regards to guest parking spaces, there is a separate provision on this.
  • Prohibition of explosives and combustible materials. Unit owners should restrict the usage of any flammable materials or explosive chemicals, or substances.
  • Unit maintenance. A unit owner must keep their unit clean and in good condition. They should not throw any dirt or substance into the hallways, elevators, and elsewhere in the building. They should not situate any blockage on the hallways or windows.

Managing a homeowner association is not just like a walk in the park. It requires a rigorous implementation of house rules, and you will need to validate these rules from time to time.

Pro Realty manages every homeowner association with these three property management approaches to modernize, enrich, and protect each property. Pro Realty can handle day-to-day operations, perform ongoing maintenance duties, and interrelate with the residents. We offer our clients financial openness, comprehensive management, dynamic maintenance, and, most importantly, peace of mind.

If you would like to receive a House Rules Template which includes typical house rules, send us an email with the request “House Rules” as the subject to support@prorealtymanager.com


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