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How to clear your ECB Violations

How to Remove Environmental Control Board Violations

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty

How to clear your ECB Violations

If you are a property owner in New York City, you are accountable for keeping your property protected from any harm or danger. Any circumstances that your property does not comply with the NYC Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution and other applicable regulations, you will be issued an OATH/ECB violation. Open violations indicate a negative impression for selling or refinancing the property.  ProRealty Property Management, based in Brooklyn, NY will act on any violations and keep your building violation free. ProRealty is one of the best rated Brooklyn Property Management companies and have a 5-star rating on google.


It is a violation issued by the Department of Buildings if the property does not meet the New York City Construction Codes or Zoning Resolution standards. These violations are returnable to the OATH ( Office of Administrative Trials and Hearing ). OATH/ECB violation requires that you CERTIFY CORRECTION. A respondent may dispute their violation at a legal proceeding before the OATH.  The Respondent may encounter penalties if it appears to have a breach.  ProRealty Brooklyn Property Management will attend hearings if necessary to clear your building’s violations.

There are three classes of OATH/ECB violations.

  • Class 1Immediately Hazardous, which severely influences many individuals’ life, health, safety, and property.
  • Class 2Major Violation affects many individual’s life, health, safety, and property but does not need to have immediate corrective action.
  • Class 3Lesser Violation and has a lesser effect on an individual’s life, health, safety, and property.


  • Correction of violating conditions and submission of Certificate of Correction application to the DOB NOW BIS Options portal. It includes all the needed forms showing correcting violations like payment proof of all applicable penalties concerning the violations and any supporting documents like receipts, permits, inspection results, etc.
  • Admission of a breach or make an appearance to the OATH hearing to stand against the offense. Negligence to attend or to send a representative may bring about penalties up to $25,000 depending on the summons. But if you admit guilty before the scheduled hearing and the penalties may reduce or eliminate.  
  • You should also pay any applicable penalties.

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