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How Often Do You Need Pest Control at Your Property? 

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty


There are minor issues that can bother a property owner, like a pest infestation. Even though you’ve already exterminated the pest from your property, there is always a great chance of re-infestation. Pest can affect your tenant’s lives and your relationship with your tenants. It also adds a significant impact on the value of your property. And that is why pest control is essential for tenants and property owners. And most of the time, the tenants often worry about the frequency of pest control to prevent another infestation.

When is the best time that you should conduct pest control on your property? The best answer would be even before you even notice a single pest in your property, and it is too late if you already see one roaming around in your property. And the next question that you would think of is how often do you need pest control at your property? It depends on several factors in which pest control procedure shall carry over.

It includes some of the factors listed below.

  • TYPE OF PEST. Just bear in mind that pest is different from one another some are resilient than the other type, some require more frequent treatment than the others. If the property faces infestation with common household pests like roaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, you can have a once every three-month pest control service. Bedbugs are more challenging to handle which would require a specialist and intensive treatment and follow-up. Flying insects such as mosquitoes and fruit fly it will be monthly. And as for rodents, at least once every month with a constant inspection.


  • DEGREE OF INFESTATION. The efficacy of chemical substances or pesticides lasts for about three months from the time of treatment. It is a good idea if you have quarterly pest control services done on your property. Nevertheless, for a more severe infestation, monthly treatment for 3-6months is recommended. 


  • TREATMENTS TO BE USED. The type of treatment or product to be used is also a factor in determining the frequency of pest control. The product with a high acceptance rate by the pests can use less than a low acceptance rate product. A high acceptance rate product with lasting residual effect can be use quarterly or every four months.


  • MEANS OF ACCESS. Discovering the entryway of pests can lessen another invasion. Some of the most common entry points of pests are vents and exhaust fans, opening in walls, cracks, drainage openings, and utility lines. Considering putting up a barrier will leave them unable to lurk or runoff. After all, the pest’s curb and the frequency of pest control service will lessen.


  • SITE OF PROPERTY. Location is a crucial thing in determining the frequency of pest control services. Inhabitation of pests depends on the location. Some areas are severely infested rather than others; if the location of your property is in a heavily infested area, you can have pest control monthly to align with the areas that have a minor infestation.


A pest-free property is such a massive asset for the owner. You can maintain good tenant relations and can gain a significant impact on the value of your property. With your good tenant relations, you can easily avoid tenant move-out and some other issues. As for the property’s value, you can, without a doubt, get tenants if there is any vacancy. Yet you can only maintain it pest-free if you would follow the frequency of pest control services religiously.

ProRealty manages over 40 Homeowner Associations and assists with setting up a preventative maintenance plan in respect to your pest control schedule and as well as all building systems to protect your investment and save money for your members.

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