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Automate your Homeowner Association with Software

Brooklyn Property Management Blog of ProRealty

Board Management

While board members must maintain and enforce association bylaws, they also need to follow specific reporting rules and may be tasked with overseeing maintenance requests. Even more important, they need to record these activities and communicate them clearly to the other board members. Organizations that insist on using a paper filing system, or even a local computer, need to know the seriousness of this risk.

Cloud Storage

By using secure cloud storage for these critical files you won’t have to worry about having your data being destroyed due to hacking,
fire, or any other type of disaster. Personal information stored in the system, along with regular back-ups, will also uphold the privacy of members’ information and corresponding data.

Collecting Dues and Assessments

Software can relieve the headache by allowing you to easily collect and deposit checks, account for dues, and create reports for homeowners or other interested parties. The right software can offer convenient options for collecting dues online and accessing reports.

Texting and Emailing Employees, Board Members, Homeowners, and Vendors

You have to handle many different kinds of communication, such as notifying homeowners of unpaid dues, disseminating meeting notices, and coordinating with vendors who maintain common areas. Luckily, software can streamline this process to improve workflow instantly.

It’s time to retire paper mailings in favor of electronic communication to save as much time and money as possible. People respond faster to emails and text messages than their snail mail counterparts. Digital communications, such as messages from vendors, owners, and board members
can be automatically recorded for record-keeping and future reference.

Online Maintenance and Mobile Property Tours

Maintenance issues come in all shapes and sizes but they all present potential risk to the greater community. An unaddressed broken gate or landscape disaster can quickly grow into a full-blown problem. Keep your communities running smoothly during these times of trouble with online maintenance requests, which allow homeowners to enter a detailed description of their issues and submit them easily.

The ideal community management software also supports mobile property tours, which allow you the ability to create violations in the field using your preferred mobile device. You will not only save time and money from forgoing manual handwritten inspections,

you can also gain the peace of mind that everything — whether a note, recording, or picture — is tracked and saved for future reference.

File Sharing

Community managers regularly share contracts, reports, and other notifications with board members, employees, vendors, and of course, homeowners. With the right software you can share these files instantly with designated groups online.Busy board members and employees won’t have to wait for the mail or an outdated fax because of this widely- adopted, cloud-sharing feature. Community management software can also record which recipients are receiving which files—ideal for organizational and tracking purposes.

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